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Renewi Canada's focus is the implementation of sustainable progress. We can achieve this through the use of 'smart' technologies, many of which we develop ourselves, and through the continuous improvement of our processes. This “DNA” is a core part of our history and is the basis of our success, and the success of our customers. We work with them and develop, create and manage new state-of-the-art facilities, achieving extraordinary environmental results. Our business is constantly developing and growing. We launched a small recycling business twenty years ago focused on a combination of composting and digestion, a unique combination at the time (our closest competitors didn't start doing business until ten years later). We are now an international organization with a number of advanced and sustainably operating plants on two continents. We employ various techniques in these plants, depending on the type of organic waste we are dealing with, to convert waste using processes like tunnel composting and both wet and dry digestion. We are years ahead of our competitors and have become market leaders in our field. We operate two main technologies for the treatment of Organic waste: Tunnel composting and Anearobic Digestion (AD).