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Non-Agricultural Sourced Material (NASM)

After approximately 14 days Orgaworld screens the material in the compost tunnels with the equipment in the screening line. One of the products produced from the screening process is a fraction that is below 10mm, which we refer to as Non-Agricultural Sourced Material. This product is collected, tested and marketed for beneficial use by agricultural users.

This material is marketed and sold to farmers who possess an approved NASM plan ( approved by OMAFRA ) which allows them to receive, store and use the material according to guidelines and limits set out in their plan. It has some of the highest nutrient values in the market with excellent organic matter properties. For some crops, our compost can fully replace fertilizer application while improving aeration, moisture retention and soil structure. We make NASM fertilizer with different particle sizes. Larger particle size fertilizer is perfectly suited to clay soils, adding desired structure, moisture retention and aeration. Field trials have shown yield increases of 15% or more. Renewi Canada is experienced in providing advice and support for farms willing to apply agricultural compost using NASM plans.

Please contact us to see how we can be of help or we can put you in touch with our existing customers who have found our compost very beneficial.