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Our composting facility in Ottawa was designed and built by Orgaworld Canada Ltd and we have been processing organic waste for the City of Ottawa since 2010. This waste is then converted into high quality compost for the agricultural sector and for the City itself, despite the fact that the seasonality of supply varies enormously. The facility can also operate during the harsh Canadian winters without issues. The plant has a processing capacity of 100,000 tons of organic waste per year with potential for expansion to 150,000 tons per year.

One of the things that makes this location unique is the fact that there are hardly any odours released. This has been achieved by making sure the building and the facility is constantly under negative pressure as this prevents the emission of odour and particles into the surrounding area. Part of the air is used as process air in the composting tunnels. The air is then passed through a multi-step odour abatement system to remove odours before they are emitted via a stack.