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Succesful first year of operation for Renewi

28 February 2018

International waste-to-product company, Renewi plc (LSE: RWI) is celebrating its first birthday, following the merger of Shanks and Van Gansewinkel exactly one year ago today. Coincidentally, the milestone has dual significance for the company as it is also celebrating being listed on the London Stock Exchange for 30 years.

In its first year of operation, Renewi has made strong progress with post-merger integration, operational delivery and rebranding. Renewi has now rebranded over 1,000 trucks and 100 sites. As part of the integration, Renewi is also rolling-out an upgraded and more efficient truck fleet and just introduced a full electric collection pilot for the collection of C&D waste in Rotterdam.

Beyond this, Renewi also improved on its environmental sustainability reaching a recycling and recovery rate of 90%. More specifically, Renewi has:

  • Saved as much CO2 as the city of Amsterdam emits in two months
  • Generated enough power to light an international football stadium for three years
  • Cleaned enough waste water to fill nearly 200 Olympic swimming pools
  • Recycled enough glass to produce two billion bottles
  • Produced enough compost to fill the entire Dutch “Keukenhof” with a 40cm layer
  • Created enough raw materials from bottom ashes to build 50km of motorway
  • Recycled enough plastics to manufacture 2,500 vacuum cleaners

By building on its leading position in some of the world’s most advanced recycling markets and by investing in innovation, Renewi plans to reinforce its position as the connecting link in the circular economy.

Peter Dilnot, CEO at Renewi said:

“One year ago, we created Renewi with a vision to be the leading waste-to-product company. In just 365 days we are proud of what we have achieved, whether that be the smooth integration process for our people, innovation for our customers or delivering the committed cost synergies for our shareholders. This is just the beginning as there is so much to come from Renewi. We’re very well placed to deliver growth with greater customer pull, regulatory push and a clear environmental need for our services.”


A video highlighting the company’s first year achievements can be viewed here