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Renewi and EDF Luminus to give new life to 95% of waste

17 December 2018

Renewi will collect and treat waste that EDF Luminus removes from the River Meuse in Belgium

International waste-to-product company, Renewi plc (LSE: RWI) will give a new life to 95% of waste for leading Belgian energy supplier, EDF Luminus.

Renewi will collect and treat waste that EDF Luminus removes from the River Meuse in Belgium. The waste comprises a diverse range of materials and objects that are carried downstream and accumulate in the filters in front of hydroelectric turbines. Renewi will provide a customised waste process to treat the waste which is removed from the river.

Every year Renewi will collect around 1,000 tonnes of waste which has been taken from the river by EDF Luminus. At its Seraing site, Renewi removes the water from the waste and then separates the different components. This involves removing larger items, such as plastics before removing wood, leaves and silt.

The contract between Renewi and EDF Luminus will run for two years, with the option to extend for a further two years. Over this period, Renewi will give 95% of the waste a new life in the form of secondary raw materials.

Wim Geens, Managing Director of Renewi Belgium, said: 
“The partnership with EDF Luminus is an important commercial win for Renewi Belgium and is a logical step in our journey to becoming the leading waste-to-product company. The development of our customised waste processing procedure fits perfectly with our unique approach that also delivers the most capital-efficient solution when it comes to effective recycling and waste management.”

Lode Devlieghere, purchaser at EDF Luminus said: 
“We pull all kinds of waste out of the Meuse to protect our installations. By doing this we help to improve the environment. To process this waste, we were looking for a partner who could maximise the waste recycled. Renewi developed a customised processing procedure for this very purpose. I was able to see for myself on site which steps the waste passes through, from collection and sorting through to processing. Sufficient capacity and responsiveness are also extremely important to us. We need to remove the waste quickly to keep our power stations running. If it rains heavily, a large amount of waste ends up floating down the Meuse and we can fill a container every four hours. Renewi guarantees us sufficient capacity to safeguard this service.”