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Renewi and Circular Clockworks Make World's First Range of Circular Watches

25 September 2018


The circular watches are made from secondary raw materials

International waste-to-product company, Renewi plc (LSE: RWI) and Dutch watch specialist, Circular Clockworks have launched the world’s first ever range of circular watches.

The three-watch range is made by Circular Clockworks from secondary raw materials provided by Renewi. Renewi’s Coolrec subsidiary supplies plastic granules which are recycled from discarded electronic and electrical appliances to give new life to used materials.

Renewi collects and processes the discarded appliances, grinding them into small pieces. A specialist moulding company then uses the granules to create the watches. The black watches in the range are made from materials such as recycled televisions and the white watches are created from old fridges. The watch straps are made from leather left over from shoe manufacturing processes. In fact, the only part of the watches that is new is the clock itself, which comes from Switzerland.

When consumers purchase a Circular Clockworks watch, they will also receive a number of Circular Coins. These are vouchers that can be exchanged for repairs and servicing to keep the watch in prime condition. Circular Clockworks will also buy the watch back at the end of its life so that the parts and materials can be used once again. The watches can be purchased for €149 from the Circular Clockworks website: http://circularclockworks.com/

Arjen Wittekoek, Director of Coolrec said:

“Many of the parts in discarded appliances are made from valuable materials. Using innovative techniques, we are able to recover specific plastics from brown and white goods that are no longer wanted, making it possible for them to be reused in the manufacture of new products, such as these circular watches. Working with Circular Clockworks is another way for us to protect the world against pollution, preserve finite resources, and enable our partners to achieve their sustainability targets. We are proud to be involved in this circular collaboration.”

Ceriel Lucker, co-founder of Circular Clockworks said:

“Through Circular Clockworks, we wanted to show that recycled materials are certainly not a waste of time. To do so, we developed a watch that uses consumer waste materials as a main component. We are proud of our circular collaboration with Coolrec. Coolrec produces the top-quality recycled plastics we need to manufacture our watches, obtaining them from discarded brown and white goods, such as fridges and televisions. Through launching this watch, we are demonstrating that there is no need to hide these materials away from society. Instead, they can be used in the manufacture of top-quality products that people are proud to wear.”