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Renewi agrees a revised contract to expand breadth of input materials in Ottawa

18 July 2018

Leading international waste-to-product company, Renewi plc (LSE: RWI) has signed a revised contract with the City of Ottawa to extend the breadth of input material in its organics contract which runs to 2030.

Renewi has been processing waste using tunnel composting technology for the City of Ottawa since 2010. Under the new contract, Renewi will accept additional materials including household organic waste in plastic bags and organic pet waste. The new service is expected to be implemented in mid-2019 and signals the end of a long-running litigation process between the City of Ottawa and Renewi.

Renewi will be making some upgrades to its Ottawa site in preparation for the input diversity. This includes upgrades to the shredder, scrubber, screening line and odour mitigation technology. The gate fee will be increased for the remainder of the contract to fund these upgrades.

Broadening the input materials is expected to increase participation in Ottawa’s local green bin scheme from 52% to 64% by 2023. It will also reduce odour and pest concerns as well as ensuring more waste is diverted from landfill by instead converting it into a soil enrichment material. The green bin program has diverted more than 533,000 tonnes of organic waste from landfill since 2010, and put it to use as compost and other beneficial products.

Mike Leopold, General Manager of Renewi’s Canadian business said:
“We have been working closely with our customers at the City of Ottawa in order to better serve their needs and enable them to meet their sustainability goals. I am delighted that we have been able to agree upon a mutually beneficial new contract. The revised contract will not only increase the participation rate of the City’s important green bin service but will also divert more waste from landfill, helping our customer to meet its provincial diversion targets. Whilst upgrades to the facility are taking place, we will continue to work with our customer to ensure a seamless service for the citizens of Ottawa.”